My Body Beautiful

We know you don’t fit into any one box.

But when it comes to style, we all have those certain outfits that make us feel just like ourselves. The ones that help us flaunt what we’ve got. The confidence boosters. And if you want to know if your next outfit will make you feel that way too, it helps to understand a little more about your body type. We call it Body Beautiful. Don’t worry, you won’t find apples and pears here. Just great ways to better know what works for you. Before we talk body types, here’s a few style tips we swear by—no matter who you are.

It’s all in the balance

Forget weight, it’s bone structure that defines your shape. And balancing out your shoulders, waist, bust and hips will help your outfit feel well-rounded.

Be an attention seeker

Whether you’re looking to create curves, lengthen parts of your body, or give a boost to what you’ve already got—the lines of your outfit will draw the eye where you want it to go.

Colour your world

We tend to notice patterns and light first, so use brighter colour in places you want to emphasise. Darker colours like black and navy are great for taking unwanted attention away.

I like your type

The easiest way to know your Body Beautiful type is to start with your measurements. If you don’t have them on you, see our handy sizing guide for help getting started.

Once you’ve got the numbers, we’ve got a few simple statements about your body in proportion to itself. They’ll help reveal which Body Beautiful type you are.


The All-Rounder

You’ve got curves for days. Your waist might be a little less defined. And you love showing off your arms and legs.

If that sounds like you, you might be an All-Rounder.


The Booty Shaker

Your hips are broader than your shoulders or your bust. Your waist is narrower. And those hips, they never lie.

If this sounds like you, you might be a Booty Shaker.


The Curvy Classic

Your hips and shoulders are around the same measurement. Your waist is more defined. And you’ve got that va-va-voom.

If this sounds like you, you might be the Curvy Classic.


The Classy Broad

Your shoulders or bust are the broadest part of your body. Your hips and waist might be narrower. And you’ve got legs they’re all talking about.

If this sounds like you, you might be the Classy Broad.


The Straight Shooter

Your shoulders, bust and hips are all around the same size. Your waist isn’t as curvy. And you’re rocking an athletic aesthetic.

If this sounds like you, you might be a Straight Shooter.